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Greek Treat - not a trick

«The Greek Treat» in all four versions share a common basis: the traditional Greek almond recipe, in a secret ratio of pure traditional ingredients that makes them unique. The main feature of these sweets is the simplicity that governs their preparation. A simplicity that is not synonymous with ease, but with the expression of measure.


The Greek Treat: Sweet treats of joy with flavors and aromas reminiscent of Greece, with the long-term experience of VISSO FOODS: the trustworthy company that produces almond products of high quality and aesthetic.

For more than 30 years, our famous traditional Greek Island Almond Candies have been proudly adorning the windows of the best pastry shops and the leading traditional bakeries and confectionery stores in Greece, as company’s wholesale products. From Crete to the island group of Cyclades and from Mykonos and Santorini to Athens and the Peloponnese, our almond candies are enjoyed by even the most demanding palates.